Alternative Tourism

alternative tourism

Due to the morphology of the land and the combination of mountain and sea, the prefecture of Chania is a paradise for those who seek andveture and alternative forms of tourism such as agrotourism, ecotourism, nature tourism, mountain tourism, religious tourism, etc.

The European trail E4 begins at the Pyrenees and crosses Greece, continues through Kissamos and ends at Zakros in eastern Crete. The trail crossed most of the mountainous area in Chania with routes that offer a unique experience to nature and hiking lovers.

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Lighthouse of Chania

chania lighthouse

The Egyptian Lighthouse, which is one of the oldest in the world, prevails in the old Port of Chania. The sea-tossed stone lighthouse which is located at the edge of the breakwater, is not only the “guard” of the old Venetian port, but also its most famous jewel.

The lighthouse was first constructed by the Venetians at the end of 16th century. It was later reconstructed by the Egyptians during the period 1830-40, when English had assigned Crete to the Regent of Egypt, Mehmet Ali. By the end of the Ottoman empire, the project had been completed with the addition of the ladder on its east side, as well as pipes, through which sea water passes under the surface of its base. The lighthouse has a height of 21m, (26 meters from sea level) and its light reached a distance of 7 nautical miles. Its base is octagonal, the central part has 16 angles, while the top part is circular.

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Children Area

Children area

Spread over 19,000 square meters of land, the outdoor environment of Rea Resort Hotel truly offers respite to those looking to leave their hectic lives behind. Palm trees, olive trees, bougainvillea, shrubs of hibiscus, lantana and blue jasmine, and the green, green grass will sooth you senses.

There is a swimming pool, football pitch, mini golf, volley ball and basketball to keep you fit.

For the children we have a wading pool, swings, climbing apparatus, activity areas and lots and lots of space to run and jump and play and to make happy family memories.

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Explore Chania

explore chania

The Prefecture of Chania is on the western end of Crete and is 2,376 square kilometers. The coastline of Chania is over 250 kilometers long. Chania has a population of 150,000 and is divided into five provinces: Apokoronas, Kissamos, Kidonia, Selino and Sfakia. The capital of the prefecture of Chania is the city of Chania which is situated in the northeast section of the prefecture and is its administrative, financial and commercial center. The city has two entrances: the airport at Akrotiri and the port of Souda (the largest port in the Mediterranean).

Chania is an ideal tourism destination highlighting not only the usual duo of “sun and sea” but also the natural environment, the culture, the area’s history and the advantages of the Cretan diet and the agricultural products as well as the locals’ high quality of life.

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