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The Prefecture of Chania is on the western end of Crete and is 2,376 square kilometers. The coastline of Chania is over 250 kilometers long. Chania has a population of 150,000 and is divided into five provinces: Apokoronas, Kissamos, Kidonia, Selino and Sfakia. The capital of the prefecture of Chania is the city of Chania which is situated in the northeast section of the prefecture and is its administrative, financial and commercial center. The city has two entrances: the airport at Akrotiri and the port of Souda (the largest port in the Mediterranean).

Chania is an ideal tourism destination highlighting not only the usual duo of "sun and sea" but also the natural environment, the culture, the area's history and the advantages of the Cretan diet and the agricultural products as well as the locals' high quality of life.

The largest part of the prefecture is mountainous with the Lefka Ori mountain range being the largest in the area. Lefka Ori means White Mountains and was named so because they have snow almost year round. Because of the frequency of rainfall in the area Chania is considered the greenest area in Crete, it is truly a land blessed by nature. In addition to the rivers and streams there are lakes and lagoons, majestic bays and cliffs, pebble and breathtaking sandy beaches. There are also plenty of gorges both in the north and the south. The most famous gorge is the Samaria gorge, which is also the largest gorge in Europe.

The Municipality of Chania has a population of 53,373 and covers an area of 356 square kilometers. It is located on the eastern side of the Chania coast on the neck of the cape. The city of Chania is built on the ruins of ancient Kidonia and has lived through many raids, conquerors and civilizations that have all left their mark on the city - something that is evident by the many monuments of the city. Chania is considered the most picturesque city in Crete and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. The city of Chania also has a vibrant cultural life. A plethora of cultural events take place in Chania every year such as exhibitions, festivals, theatrical plays, musical concerts, visual arts etc.

The attractions, the majestic nature, the golden beaches with crystal waters, the development of tourism infrastructures with respect to nature and tradition, as well as the warm hospitality of the locals are the reasons that this area is one of the main destinations for Greeks (for excursions, vacations and business trips) and international visitors alike.

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