Cretan Products

Cretan products are famous word wide for their quality. In the categories that follow you can find information about the products that are produced and flourish in Crete as well as their nutritional value.

Olives and Olive Oil
Olive oil is the greatest secret of the Cretan Diet and Cretan longevity. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olives of exquisite quality is produced in Cretan and is internationally recognized.

Cretan Cheese
Cheese is consumed at all hours of the day in Crete as a side dish or as a main delicacy, as an appetizer or even as desert. It is never absent from the Cretan table and its quality can compete with top international cheeses. Cheeses of Crete: Anthotyros, Galomyzithra, Graviera, Piktogalo Chanion, Malaka, Mizithra, Staka and Tirozouli.

Cretan wines
Crete has one of the largest in size and in production vineyards in Greece. The fertile land and systematic cultivation of the area for several centuries gives us exquisite varieties of grape from which noble wines are made that accompany and highlight the flavors of any meal. Local and imported varieties from the island of Crete are distinguished by their aroma and flavors. Some local varieties are: Vilana, Kotsifali, Mantilari, Liatiko, Romeico, Moschato Spinas, Dafni, Plyto and Vidiano.

Cretans consume more lamb and goat and less veal and pork. The low consumption of red meat seems to be a contributing factor to quality of the Cretan diet and health.

Vegetables, legumes, fruit and grains
Grain and its byproducts, legumes, fruits and vegetables are the base of the Cretan diet. Grains are mostly unprocessed and whole wheat from barley and wheat.
To this day Cretans consume large quantities of legumes, vegetables and fruit which is why the Cretan diet is considered one of the best dietary practices. Cretans also consume fry fruits, mainly dried figs and raisins.

Crete is full of plants like thyme, sage, oregano, pine trees, acacia trees, strawberry trees, eucalyptus and of course many cultivated citrus trees. The processing of honey in Crete is done with the absence of high temperatures that destroy the nutrients. According to official records there are 2206 bee keepers in Crete with 142,856 counted hives. Crete is the 4th largest honey producer in Greece.

Bread and Rusks
A product recognized by the European Union, Cretan rusks continue to gain consumers due to their high quality, the purity of their ingredients and their high dietary value.

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