The Cretan knife is part of both the Cretan traditional costume and the actual substance of Cretans. It is a favorite object that was not only used as a tool but as a weapon during Crete's darkest hours.

The typical Cretan knife that maintains its form to this day was created in the end of the 18th century. The unique way with which the tip of the knife was crafted gives a knife great piercing efficiency. The knife's tip is called 'Manika" and has many forms. There are three forms that are more commonly used. One type where the end of the grip looks like a beak, one where the end of the grip resembles those of nautical cutlasses of the 18th and 19th century and the third, the classic Cretan type, where the end of the handle has a V shape.

This "V" shape is the most common and can only be found on Cretan knifes giving them a topological uniqueness since this style of knife is not created anywhere else in the world.

This unique handle is made from horn, bone or polyester while the more lavish Cretan knives are made from Ivory. The bones are usually from cow legs and are prepared by boiling the bone in water, ash and lime for 5 hours exactly as it was done 5 centuries ago, so the bone become white and shinny before it is carved.

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