The prefecture of Chania has an abundance of routes that one can enjoy with a car or motorcycle. The fluxuations of the scenery from mountainous to semitropical is so sudden that it can stun even the most prepared traveler. Unique villages full of vegetation, practically untouched by time, coastal villages that maintain their character as quaint fishing villages. There are old churches and archeological sites everywhere. In rural Chania you can find beautiful wineries, cheese dairies, bakeries, small traditional coffee shops and tavernas under the shade of plane and mulberry trees. These are only some of the countless routes you can enjoy in Chania:

  1. Chania – Kournas – Asi Gonia – Kallikratis – Frangokastello.
    Following the road to Rethymno we make a right after Georgioupoli for Lake Kournas. Thousands of birds find refuge at this unique natural lake, the ensuary of the waters of the Lefka Ori Mountain Range. We continue on to the quaint village of Kournas and follow the road to Kastello and Filaki, two traditional villages.
    From Filaki we follow the road next to the river Mouselas towards Argyroupoli and its magnificent springs. From this point we travel through the mesmerizing Gipari Gorge that will lead us to the historical village of Asi Gonia. We continue on to Kallikratis, a village that is practically deserted but still very beautiful. From here is we can take to road that leads to Patsiano, through the Kallikratis gorge, and from there to Frangokastelo, or we can follow the road to Afendou – another deserted yet beautiful village – and Imvros. At this point we again have two options: we can head down south to Frangokastelo and Chora Sfakion or we can return from Vrisses and Askyfou to the National Road to Chania.
  2. Georgioupoli – Exopoli – Karidi Monastery – Vrises – Alikambos- Fones
    We begin at Georgioupoli and ascend towards Exopoli, having the incredible view of the Almyros Bay to our right. We pass through the villages of Kalamitsi Amigdalou and Kalamitsi Alexandrou and from there continue towards the Monastery of Saint George in Karydi. Behind the monastery are the ruins of an old monasterial olive press. We head down towards Vrisses, a lush green village with lots of water and continue upwards towards Alikambos. Before we enter the village we will find an impressive winery on our left that, upon reservation, hosts tours and wine tastings. From Alikambos you can vcontinue on to Fone and Georgioupoli.
  3. Chania – Provarma – Samonas – Chiliomoudou – Kiriakosselia – Ramni – Pemonia – Fres – Nio Chorio
    We follow the National Road to Rethymno and make a left towards Kalami, under the Itzedin fort and the shadow of ancient Aptera. We can admire Souda Bay and the amazing Venetian fortress. We continue towards Kalyves. Before the village to our right we follow the road towards Stilos with its cool springs and its large plane trees as well as its church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, of exquisite architecture. From Stilos we ascend to Provarma. This route passes through the villages at the foothills of Madara, villages that exude Cretan aromas and wild beauty. From Provarma, that has many Venetian buildings, the road ascends to Samonas with an exquisite view of the villages of the province of Apokoronas and the Cretan sea. The village is decorated by beautiful houses with gardens full of flowers. From here we continue on towards Chiliomoudou, where the view of the Crete's mountains from Psiloritis to the Lefka Ori Mountain Range and its blue sea make the island's vastness apparent. Heading down to Kiriakosselia we will see the church of Saint Nicholas a church with unique architecture. Our journey continues through Ramni, a village where live stock farming thrives, Pemonia, where beautiful traditional furniture is made, and end up in Fres. Don't pass up the opportunity to walk through the village's small roads as the architecture will make you will feel like you are in another era. We return to Agii Pantes, through the old national road from where the view of the mountains is spectacular before you reach Nio Chorio and Armeni. From there you go to Kalives and return to Chania.
  4. Chania – Voukolies – Fotakado – Palea Roumata – Ano Kefala – Voukolies – Nio Chorio – Sirila – Tavronitis
    This route from the New National Road to the Old National Road towards Kasteli to the right leads to Voukolies at Tavronitis. After Voukolies we follow the road to Paleochora and turn left to Fotakado.
    The unique vegetation and the unending olive groves constantly alternate in a magical natural landscape. After Fotakado we continue towards Palea Roumeli, a magnificent traditional village with beautiful neighborhoods. We continue for Ano Kefala and from this picturesque village we return to Voukolies where we make a right for Nio Chorio and from there head to Sirili through a typical Cretan landscape with olive groves and orchards. The road from here ends on the old national road in front of the historic airport of Maleme.
  5. Chania – Sfinari – Kambos – Amigdalokefali – Elafonisi – Elos – Topolia – Kaloudiana (with an overnight stay)
    Follow the road to Kasteli and continue to Platanos in front of the Kasteli harbor. If you have enough time you can visit or admire the beautiful beach from above. Continuing on the main road and passing Platanos you will have the opportunity to see the western shored from Above. Arriving at Sfinari we can swim in the beautiful bay and enjoy fantastic fish at the tavernas of the area. We continue on the road to Amigdalokefali. If you have the appropriate vehicle for dirt roads go down the beach road from the village and reach Stomios bay or else continue on the main road for Kefali and from here make a right for Chrisoskalitissa, a unique monastery on a rock over the sea connected to legends and historical events of Crete. The famous beach of Elafonissi is 5 kilometers away. On the way back the road passed through the beautiful village Elos, the tunnel of Topolia and Voulgaro to end up in Kourfalonas on the New National Road.

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