Paragliding is a sport that wins over new fans every year. There are schools in Chania that will teach you the secrets of the sport. There are also several areas where the beginner or the experienced paraglider can practice while enjoying the Cretan nature from above. Feel free in the Cretan sky and circle the same thermals as the Cretan bearded vultures.


  1. Nea Chora, 2 kilometers from the city of Chania
  2. Omalos plateu, 45 kilometers from the city of Chania. The flight from Kallergi heading northwest – west over the Samaria Gorge and Gigilos is majestic.
  3. Falassarna, over the ancient city heading west
  4. Amazing flight over the Kournas Lake heading north-northeast
  5. Over Vathipetro with a view of the Lefka Ori mountain range and the Agia Lake.
  6. Elafonissi, heading south with a view of Elafonissi and the Libyan sea.
  7. Paleochora, heading south over Paleochora with a view of the Libyan sea.

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