The climate in Chania is temperate Mediterranean. Of course, due to the mountain ranges in Crete, there are significant differences in the climates from area to area. In autumn and winter there are strong northern and northwestern winds. The winter starts in December with mild rainfalls that last till March. During the winter we also have snowfall in the areas of higher altitude (over 1000 meters). The snow covers a large portion of the mountainous area of the Lefka Ori mountain range and usually does not melt till April.

Chania has the most water in Crete (65%) which is why there is such rich vegetation and so many fruit trees (citrus trees, olive trees, vines, etc.). Spring is not too long. It lasts from April to the middle of May and is usually dry with little precipitation. Summers are especially warm and dry. They begin around the middle of May and last till the end of September. The warmest summer month is July and sometimes August.

Fall begins at the end of September and is relatively warm and wet with precipitation during the months of October and November.

What is considered the gift of God to this land, not only to Chania but to the entire island is the sunshine. The sun shines more in Crete than in any other place in Europe. In the southern coast of Crete the sun shines approximately 320 days a year!

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