In the past 20 years rock climbing has grown quite a bit on the island and one by one the locations are being organized. Starting in Kalathas with its low and easy rocks and continuing to the tall and solid rock of the Therissos Gorge. The first pitons began being wedged in cracks and holes resulting in the development of Chania's very own rock climbing scene in the 90's. Other than Kalathas and Therissos many other locations have been opened such as Gogilos, a new area with lower rocks, very close the city of Chania. In addition to organized fields there are other locations like Aptera, Stavros, and Aradena.

The rocks are good quality limestone for the most part and the routes have been secured with 10 centimeter plugs. In Gigilos the use of protection is necessary since only in the location Pyrgous have relays and securities.

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