Hiking Routes

It is said that the best way to get to know the world is on foot. This land only adds to this belief as many roads don't reach isolated beaches, beautiful forests, the naked mountain tops and ancient cities. In the land of the gorges ancient passages lead us to the heart of virgin nature offering our senses unique experiences.

E4 Trail
The European trail E begins at the Pyrenees and crosses Greece, continues through Kissamos crossed the entire island of Crete and ends in Cyprus. The hikers following the E4 trail walking on paths, climbing over rocks and crossing wild gorges and forgotten settlements can discover hidden corners, enjoy nature in all its grandeur and experience customs and traditions with authentic people.

The trail crosses the prefecture of Chania going through coastal paths like the western and southern coastline but also the mountainous area of Lefka Ori though routes with good signage. It is important that hikers get information about signage, duration and difficulty of a route from The Chania Hiking Association. The mountainous routes require special equipment during the winter months and also considerable experience. The weather in the winter can be quite volatile and you must first contact with the Hiking Association before approaching the cabins as they are not always open.

The coastal routes of the E4 trail on western and southern Crete are accessible all year round. You should gather all necessary information before hand as some portions of the trail are not easily recognizable.

Attention: The springs on the route don't always have water so make sure you have ample supplies.

Recommended routes of the E4 trail:

  1. Kasteli – Sfinari, 22,5 kilometers, 6,5 Hours Spring – Autumn
  2. Sfinari – Chrisoskalitissa Monastery, 32 kilometers, Spring – Autumn
  3. Chrysoskalitissa – Paleochora, 22 kilometers, Spring – Summer
  4. Paleochora – Sougia, 14,5 kilometers, Spring – Autumn
  5. Sougia – Agia Roumeli, 20 kilometers, April – September
  6. Agia Roumeli – Loutro, 13 kilometers, year round
  7. Loutro – Frangokastelo, 19,5 kilometers, year round
  8. Sougia – Koustogerako – Omalos, 24,5 kilometers, Spring – Autumn
  9. Sougia – Agia Erini gorge, 15 kilometers, May – September
  10. Omalos – Agia Roumeli, 18 kilometers, May – October

Other suggested routes:
Agia Triada – Gouverneto – Catholicon
Total hiking time: 2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy route with a visible trail

Agia Erini Gorge
Total hiking time: 3 hours
Difficulty level: Relatively easy route with 2-3 difficult spots, 8 kilometers long

Paleochora - Sougia
Total hiking time: 6 hours
Difficulty level: Easy

Samaria National Park
Total hiking time: 6 hours
Difficulty level: Easy route with a visible and marked trail. Be careful of small rock slides.

The Samaria National Park was recognized by the state in 1962 by royal decree. Since then the park has won several awards and is renowned worldwide.
National Diploma of Nature Protection, 1971
Landscape of special natural beauty, 1973
Wild life Sanctuary
Diploma of the CoE, 1979
Biosphere Reserve, 1981 MAB
Biogenetic Reserve, Coe
Area protected by the Barcelona Convention
Significant area for birds
NATURA 2004 area
There are several spring of excellent quality water and resting places. On the slopes of this national park there are many endangered plant species that are protected by Greek law.

List of recorded plants:
136 endemic of Greece
100 valuable endemic of Crete
30 endemic of the Lefka Ori mountain range
20 endangered species
Also in the Samaria habitat:
50 different species of vertebrate animals
30 endemic species
5 species of the Red Data Book

Easy routes except for the one for Potamos
"Journey of the Soul"
This phrase is probably enough to describe what one experiences, not only the first time but every time one touches the sand of Gavdos.
This island slowly reveals itself to you and it is important that you leave your senses to enjoy the salty taste, the colors of dusk and the authenticity of every image.
What makes visitors feel the diversity of this land is not only the thousands of colors of the sea, the aromas of the herbs, the cedar trees and the salty air, it is the existence of human creation and natural habitat in unison. Dozens of chapels bear witness to this, some in lush green hillsides, others on bare rocks overlooking the blue water. Ambelos is a majestic place. Its name stems from the product that Gavdos was once famous for (Ambelos = Vine).
The old terraces are now bare, remnants of a time when people lived, worked and listened to nature. Sarakiniko offers a fantastic view of the wild blue sea and the proud tips of the Lefka Ori mountain range. Walking along the beach of Ai Giannis, probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you will be mesmerized by the unique forest by the sea, the verdant sand dunes and golden sand.
The trail leads from there to the location Lavrakas, a small bay that offers a unique sense of tranquility. We continue towards Pirgos where the fishing boats rest and the sun shows its most vibrant colors, while we enjoy a swim in the Libyan sea.
The boldest hikers will continue walking to Potamos. The path presents some difficulties so it is recommended for more experience hikers. The scenery, however, compensates those that choose to walk this trail walking by a ravine with liquid argil ending at a magnificent gulf.
All these paths demand time and a zest for walking. Thankfully most of the destinations are accessible only by foot.
Make sure you have your hat, plenty of water, sunscreen and good walking shoes.

Douliana – Gavalochori
Total hiking time: 30 minutes for Gavalochori and30 minutes from Pigadia
Difficulty level: Easy

Top of Gigilos
Total hiking time: 6 – 7 hours
Difficulty level: Medium, difficulty increases after the mountain pass.

Agia Roumeli – Agios Ioannis
Total hiking time: 4-5 hours
Difficulty level: Easy, uphill trail

Polirrinia Gorge
Total hiking time: 3 hours
Path markings: white background, green square
Difficulty level: Relatively easy with a steep downhill slope in the beginning

Attention! There is no drinkable water on this route

Sassalos – Makronas (Halase Gorge)
Total hiking time: 3-4 hours
Difficulty level: Medium, with some portions with poor visibility

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