Alternative tourism

Due to the morphology of the land and the combination of mountain and sea, the prefecture of Chania is a paradise for those who seek andveture and alternative forms of tourism such as agrotourism, ecotourism, nature tourism, mountain tourism, religious tourism, etc.

The European trail E4 begins at the Pyrenees and crosses Greece, continues through Kissamos and ends at Zakros in eastern Crete. The trail crossed most of the mountainous area in Chania with routes that offer a unique experience to nature and hiking lovers.

More organized villages present many options for alternative forms of tourism, offering the visitor the opportunity to stay in traditional – usually restored agricultural housing - where one can get acquainted with Cretan nature, the villagers' way of life and enjoy organic local products. There are several areas with this setting such as Vammos, Milia and Spilia that attract hundreds of visitors each year.

Hiking and rock climbing are a challenge for the daring. In Chania there is a very active hiking organization. There are 4 cabins on the Lefka Ori Mountain Range: At the location Kallergi on Omalos (1680 meters) that fits 40 people, one at the location Volikas at Keramia (1430 meters) that fits 30 people, one at the location Svourichti (1970 meters) that fits 22 people and one at Tavri Askifou (1200) that fits 46 people. You can also across the Lefka Ori Mountain range with hiking skis.

If you enjoy a challenge then mountain biking or paragliding are the choices for you, while the mountainous hinterland is ideal for those that enjoy hunting. Bird watching is also a hobby you can enjoy in Chania at the wetlands of Lake Agia. In addition to swimming you can enjoy a variety of water sports at the endless beaches of the prefecture like sailing, kayak, wind surfing, water skiing, scuba diving through diving centers. Fishing and spear fishing are also very popular in Crete.

There are many organized camping centers on the coastline that stretches from Agia Marina to Kissamos. Keep in mind that free camping is forbidden in Greece.
For avid sailors, there are Marinas in Kissamos and Paleochora. Sailing boats are available for rent in Chania.

Conference tourism is also considered an alternative form of tourism and thrives in Chania. Several institutes and foundations organize seminars, local and international conferences as do the larger hotel complexes.

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