The monastery of the Holy Trinity was built in 1612 by the Cretan monks Jeremia and Lavrendios that were members of the Orthodox Venetian family of Jagarolon. The monastery is built on the ruins of an old church dedicated to the Saint Apostles. In 1634 the monastery's church was built and is of Byzantine cruciform architecture with three domes. The front of the church is very impressive with Doric columns. The influence of the Italian renaissance is evident. The impressive steeple was built in 1864 over the entrance. There are also two chapels in the monastery dedicated to Saint John the Theologian and to Zoodochos Pigi.

The monastery was burned down by the Turks and was left in ruins for many years. The monks Kalliopos and Grigiorios from Akrotiri oversaw the renovations. In 1892 it began operating as a theologian school with many great teachers. The monastery also has a library with rare books and old codes and icons of the hagiographer Merkurios from Santorini.

After several adventures the monastery continues to play an important role in the religious and financial life of the area. It is also one of the most important monuments in Crete.

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