The Monastery of Timios Prodromos is on the Acrotiri Peninsula, east of Chania, towards the airport. Akrotiri has an important role both in Crete's history and its monastery tradition.
Visitors come up to a tall wall that surrounds the monastery. Inside monastery it is not long before one feels the reconciliation of nature and human abnegation. The absolute tranquility and silence of the monastery help soothe the tension of everyday life.

The church and the lower buildings with the cells bring to light the simplicity of the structure. The nuns that have retreated from the outside world live in their own silent isolated life ministering the Lord and have devoted their existence to Him. The monastery is governed by a three member board made up by the abbess and two other nuns. From its foundation and until now the monastery is run with a unique and peculiar system according to which every nun has her own cell, financial autonomy and daily schedule. Only deaconships are practices as a whole. Today there are 9 nuns living in the monastery.

The area inside the walls surrounding the monastery has a large courtyard and a main church.

The Catholicon of the Monastery takes up the center of the courtyard and has two naves: one dedicated to Saint John Prodromos the Baptist (celebrated on the 29th of August) and the second one to the Martyr Saint George (celebrated on the 23rd of April). The beautiful carved wood shrine was crafted by a local artist named Argyris Kavroulakis from Chania. It was built in 1966. The icons are contemporary and where made by the nuns themselves.

There are two more chapels in the monastery: The chapel of Saint Andrew of Crete and the chapel of the Virgin Mary Portaitissa.

There is also a large library in the monastery with a collection of over 2500 titles. As well, there is an exhibit hall where the visitor can enjoy various types of traditional Cretan handicrafts, Byzantine icons, crucifixes, rosaries, etc.

You can take public transportation to get to the monastery. It is on the Chania – Korakies route. You can get on the bus at the central market in Chania and get off in front of the monastery approximately 40 minutes later. The ride is shorter by taxi. The distance between Chania and Korakies is 7 kilometers.

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