The Church of Profiti Elias is in the area of "Froudia" and was built during the Venetian Occupation. Initially the smaller southern nave of Profiti Elisaios was built and during the 16th century the larger temple of Profiti Elias was added. An arched wall opening was constructed, joining the two buildings.

The church was destroyed during the bombings by the Great Powers, but was rebuilt with funds provided by the Tsar who believed that the explosion of a cannon on a Russian flagship was punishment from Profiti Elias for the destruction of his church.

During the last Cretan Revolution (1897) the Cretan Revolution Camp was formed in the area of Profiti Elias.

The event that characterizes the Revolution, the self-sacrifice of a Cretan fighter who made his body a shield to the bullets in defense of the great ideal, is symbolized by a statue erected at this location.

Next to the church is the grave of the National Leader Eleftherios Venizelos and that of his second son Sophocles Venizelos, leader of the Liberal party and Prime Minister, as was his father. His own eulogy, which he delivered in the National Parliament in 1932, is inscripted on the plaque that covers the grave of the National Leader. Here it is verbatim:

"The deceased man before you, my dear friends, was a real man of great courage and self confidence in himself and in the people that he was called upon to govern. He probably made many mistakes but he was never lacking in courage and has never been a fatalist because he never counted on fate, in order to see his country progress. On the contrary he placed in her service all the flame he had in him and all the strength he possessed both moral and physical."

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