The Sintrivani (fountain) Square is known today as Eleftherios Venizelos Square. It is located next to the busy waterfront of the old port and from here all the active streets of the old town start (or end).
Sintrivani - or Black Mountain Square as it was called during the time of the Cretan Republic - while small was a popular square, a center for meetings and discussion for the people of Chania. It was a paved square and there were coffee shops, hotels, clubs and shops selling new luxury products. It takes its name from a massive fountain, decorated with lion heads and marble water basins. Pieces of the fountain can be seen in the Archeological Museum of Chania. At the exit of the square, today Xalido Street, on the side of the port, the City Hall building still exists. It has subsequently been used as the Admiralty building during the Venetian Occupation and later as a civilian hospital.

Venizelos gave his political speeches from the balconies of the buildings of the square. He was buried here in 1936. This was also where the citizens gathered to announce the formation of the Anti Dictatorship Movement against Metaxas in 1938.

During the time of independence as the "Cretan Republic" and under the protection of the Great Powers of the time and in the years to follow, Sintrivani continued to hold an important place in the lives of the people of Chania.

It was the central square of Chania, which still is the capital of Crete. It was the cosmopolitan "hang out" of the aristocrats, the scholars, the artists and the politicians who met at the cafes and clubs of the square to discuss recent local, national and international political matters and developments.

Today, pulsing with life, it remains the principal square of the old town of Chania and is full of cafes, restaurants and various shops.

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