The district of Splantzia is southeast of the Kasteli Hill. During the years of the Turkish Occupation this was the Turkish Quarter of the city. The main square of Splantzia, today called 1821 Square, was a meeting place for the Turks in the same way that Sintrivani was for the Christians.

The Venetian church of Saint Nicholas, which is part of the monastery of the Dominican Monks, (part of the monastery remains to this day, north of the church) was turned in to the central mosque of the city in honour of the Sultan Sultan Imbraim. It was called "Hugar's Mosque", meaning the Emperor's Mosque. Following 1919 Hugar's Mosque was transformed into the Orthodox church of Saint Nicholas. There is still strong evidence of Turkish architecture as minarets remain on one corner of the church's façade.

In contrast to the Saint Nicholas Church which was impacted by Turkish architecture, the church of Saint Rokko, also Venetian, retained its identity throughout the Turkish Occupation and the subsequent phases of history.

In the center of the neighborhood, beneath the gigantic Plane tree, (a spot where Christian Martyrs were executed during the Turkish occupation), and under the elegant Arabic pavilion, there once was an underground reservoir with hydrants. Today, the tables of the coffee shop sit under the Plane tree offering its shade during the hottest days of the summer and offering a respite from the long walks through the old town of Chania.

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