Spantzia, today call 1821 Square, was a meeting place for the Turks in the same way that Sintrivani was for the Christians. The Church of Saint Nicholas dominates the square. The transformation of this church into a Mosque was one of the first of its kind following the occupation in 1645. The Church of Saint Nicholas was built in 1320 as a monastery for the Dominican Order. It was turned into a barracks and housed the Janissary corps. A portion of the temple was used by the Turkish soldiers for daily prayers and was called "Hugar's Mosque" (the Emperor's Mosque) after the Sultan Imbraim. Hugar's Mosque was the most significant mosque in the city. The minarets ceased to be used after 1919, at which time the mosque was reverted once again to the Orthodox Church of Agios Nicholas. In the square there is a plaque commemorating Bishop Melgisedik, who was hung from a Plane tree by the Turks in 1821, fearing an uprising. Beneath the branches of that Plane tree the Turks built an Arabic style pavilion as an example of "Muslim eclecticism". Access to the pavilion was reserved only for state officials and eminent Beys and Aghas.

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