Peace and Friendship Park

The Peace and Friendship Park is located across from the Peace and Friendship Stadium and the Chania Municipal Gardens. It is a relatively new square-park and is the site of many events.

Cathedral Square

The square at the Catholic Church of the Three Martyrs is a central city square and many events take place here. The existing Cathedral was built on the site of the Theotokos Church of the 14th Century. When Chania was occupied by the Turks in 1645, the church was turned into a soap factory but without any changes to its layout. It remained this way until 1868. The church is inextricably tied to historic events; It served as a refuge and shelter during the difficult periods of national uprising. It suffered serious damage from the bombing of the city by the Germans in May of 1941.

Agora Square

The Agora Square is located in the center of Chania and is home to the well known Municipal Market. The Municipal Market borders on the old and the new city of Chania. Construction of the market began in 1908 on top of the remains of the bastion Piatta Forma. The building is in the shape of a cross, influenced by the buildings of the "Iron Age" from the end of the 19th Century – the Industrial Revolution. The Municipal Market of Chania is a large building of 4,000 square meters on 17,200 square meters of land. It is considered to be the heart of the city. It is not just a commercial center but also serves as a living image of the Marketplace (Agora) of Ancient Greece. In 1980, the Municipal Market of Chania was declared a protected monument by the Ministry of Culture.

Dikastirion Square

This is one of the loveliest squares in Greece. There are many beautiful, centuries old, extremely tall palm trees which will charm you along with the historic building of the Prefecture and the courts. The square was rebuilt in 2010.

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