The cave of Saint John the Hermit is located in the municipality of Kolimbari, near the area of Marathokefala and a few hundred meters from the Bear Cave. As the Bear Cave, it also was once a riverbed with a total length of 135 meters forming a horizontal shaped corridor. It is richly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. There are icons and candles at the entrance and at the end of the cave. There is also a chiseled underground mortar coated basin for water collection. To the right of the corridor, 15 meters from the entrance, there is a small chamber with a man-made entrance. Inside this chamber human bones were found, probably belonging to inhabitants of the cave. At the end of the cave (136 m) there is a large stone basin which according to legend is the tomb of Saint John the Hermit. History tells us that Saint John the Hermit lived his ascetic life in this area, naked and traversing the rocks like a goat. A hunter accidentally shot him, taking him for an animal. Before St. John succumbed to his injuries, he asked that the hunter take him to the cave to die.

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