The Lion's Cave (Leon) was officially discovered on Sunday, August 11th, 2008 by a team of French-Greek speleologists who were on an expedition in the Lefka Ori with the excusive purpose to continue the exploration of the Leon Precipice which had been uncovered 15 years prior. The 23-member team managed to overcome all the difficulties involved and were able to reach a depth of -1110 meters (and width of 2,850 meters) thus doubling the known size and width of the cave. This event classified it as the second deepest cave in Greece, 60th in the world and among the 84 explored caves in the world that exceed the depth of 1000m. The entrance to the "lion" is located at an altitude of 1600 meters and a strong cold air stream comes out of it, indicating its enormous size. In its first part, that is from the entrance till a depth of -480m, the cave is relatively dry, narrow and steep with small vertical descents. At depth of - 480m, the topography of the cave changes, since it turns into an underground river which flows through a large area, (width up to 20m, height 20 to 30 meters). The flow progressively increases with depth, reaching 200 liter/second at the bottom. In the deeper parts of the cave several small waterfalls and small lakes have been formed. At the deepest point (-1110m at an altitude of 530m above sea level) the cave stops at a siphon which requires diving in order to explore further. The team of the 23 Greek and French speleologists declared their satisfaction with the laborious but rare experience. They have mapped and photographed all the parts of the cave that were explored.

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