The Sirikari Gorge is located in the Province of Kissamos. It starts at the village of Mesa Sirikari (altitude of 500 meters, 50 km from Chania on the auto route Chania-Kalergiana-Kalathenes-Sirikari) and it exits at Polirrinia (altitude of 40 meters), 6 km from the town of Kissamos. It is a forested gorge with Chestnut trees in the beginning followed by Plane trees, wild olive and carob trees, wild artichoke plants and the aromatic herbs, Dittany of Crete (or Hop Marjoram) and sage. At the mid-point of the crossing we find the legendary spring "Gra Vrisi". The crossing is not difficult and takes between 3 – 3 ½ hours. At the end of the gorge are the ruins of the ancient city of Polirrinia.

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