The Diktamo Gorge, also known as the Katichori Gorge or as Stilos, is one of the few gorges in the prefecture of Chania that does not run from north to south. It is a very beautiful, wooded gorge with steep sides in many places. The crossing is relatively easy as it is very close to the city of Chania. The entrance to the gorge is at the village of Katichori (altitude of 300 meters and 21 km from Chania). The crossing takes three to four hours and the gorge exits at the village of Faraggi (altitude 40 meters and 17 km from Chania), a short distance from the main road of Chania – Stilos. The nearby village of Stilos is very pretty with its old churches and several springs running under the huge Plane trees. Here you will find several traditional tavernas.

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