The Klados Gorge is yet another of the many gorges in Sfakia. Caution: It is the most rugged and overgrown gorge in all of Crete. For this reason an experienced guide will be needed on this crossing. In some areas, climber's rope will be necessary to ensure a safe crossing. You will need almost two full days to familiarize yourself with the gorge. Domata is the name given both to the last portion of the gorge and to the coast it exits on to. The most beautiful, impeccably clean coast of Crete awaits you with its brilliantly colored waters. It is covered with fine, shiny pebbles and the pine trees spill out of the gorge and grow right down to the shore. If you haven't arranged for a boat to transport you to Sougia or Agia Roumeli then you must continue your trek, over uneven terrain, for an additional three hours.

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