The Katholiko Gorge is located in Acrotiri with 115 caves and five small gorges. It is small, overgrown and has untamed beauty. It is also called Avlaki Agiou. Arriving at the well known Gouvernetou Monastery, at an altitude of 260 meters and at a distance of 16 km from Chania, we start the trek northbound over an even path and after ten minutes we come upon the cave of Panagia Arkoudiotissa with the Theomitoros Church and the ancient Temple of Artemidas. Ten minutes later we face the Monastery of Saint John the Hermit. A little further along, crossing an unusually large bridge, we enter the gorge, and after walking over the stream bed for about ½ hours we arrive at the shore. Here a clean sea awaits us, ideal for swimming. There is a Venetian well and a boathouse used by the Catholic monks.

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