The Prasses Gorge is a small but beautiful and very untamed gorge with a great variance in altitude from the entrance to the exit. Because of this, it is quite a downhill route between small and large rocks and under impressive vertical cliffs.

We arrive at the entrance via the paved road with leads from the junction of Petras Seli towards the Omalos Plateau (Chania-Sougia route) and about 1 km before reaching the Omalos detour. Next to the dirt road there is a 1 ½ kilometer long path which in 15 minutes takes us to the area of Platanos, overgrown with plane trees (Platanus) and ferns and with many springs. We enter the main gorge and after walking for about two hours we come out on to a rural road that leads to the village of Prasses Kidonias (31 km from Chania at an altitude of 480 meters) towards the settlement of Sidia. If you don't have a vehicle waiting for you, estimate an additional 40 minute walk to Prasses .

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