The Sfakia Gorge is one of the many gorges that cross Crete vertically. It begins at the abandoned village of Lakki and, after a distance of eight kilometers, it ends at the sea, just 2 km from Chora Sfakia. It is parallel to both the Samaria Gorge (to the right) and the Imbrou Gorge (to the left).

The Sfakia Gorge is also known as "Lago" or as the Vartholoma Gorge. There are two ways to visit the gorge: a) From Porolago, the entrance from the south, which is located two kilometers from Chora Sfakion. The distance to the end of the main gorge is 6,5 km, the trek is an easy one and the return trip takes 3 ½ hours. At the end of the trail, to the north, on top of a small elevation, is an old shepherd's hut and the Church of Apostle Paul which was built by the people of Sfakia in 1407. b) From the village of Imbros a two hour hike (or by car on a makeshift rural road for 10 kms) takes us to the beautiful village of Kali Lakki, which was abandoned years ago. From there, following a vertical ½ hour hike, we arrive at the Church of Apostle Paul, as mentioned before. We continue for another two hours to the exit on to a paved road.

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