The Tripiti Gorge is one of the largest and most difficult gores of the Chania Province. It takes at least a day and a half to cross it and a guide is required. There is a large variety of flora and fauna in this gorge and you may very likely meet a kri-kri.

Starting out in the afternoon from the Omalos Plateau at an altitude of 1,200 meters you will climb the Alp-like rocky Mount Gigilos, cross under the natural arch to the Linoseli Springs (altitude 1,400 meters) with ice-cold waters. In ancient times there was a well known oracle at the springs. You will overnight near the summit, out of doors or in the ruins of the Tzatzimou shepherd hut. The hike to this point takes 2 ½ hours. The summit is at an altitude of 2,080 meters. The trek from Gigilos to the coast takes about six hours, depending on your pace. If there is no boat when you arrive, you will need to walk an additional three hours (to the right and upwards from the old village) in order to arrive at the beautiful seaside village of Sougias – 70 km from Chania.

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