The Eligia Gorge is one of the best of the gorges in the province of Sfakia. Kri-Kri still live there. The trek begins at the village of Agios Ioannis, Sfakia (92 km from Chania at an altitude of 780 meters). After one hour you will be in the vicinity of Kormokopos where you will find caves with water at the beginning of the descent to cross the gorge. Up to this point a guide will be necessary. After a trek of another 2 ½ hours, the Eligia Gorge ends on a beautiful pine clad beach on the Libyan Sea. It is an additional ½ walk from the beach to reach Agia Roumeli to the west. The above route covers only about half of the gorge. If you should desire to cross the entire gorge, it will take two days and you will need the services of an experienced guide. You begin at the Omalos Plateau and then, via the climbers' shelter of Kallergi and the Melintaou Summit (altitude 2,133 meters), you will arrive at the area of Lefka Ori called "Potamos". Following a vertical descent of 10 meters you reach the bottom of the gorge and continue on towards the coast of the Libyan Sea. The trek from Omalos to Patamos takes six hours and it takes another 6 hours to reach the coast.

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