The Aradena Gorge is located in the Provence of Sfakia. To reach the gorge from the village of Sfakia, you take the asphalt road up towards the mountain village of Anopoli, built on the southern ridges of the Lefka Ori at an altitude of 600 meters. At the 3.5 kilometer mark you will arrive at the ruins of the village of Aradena (altitude 520 meters) which was built at the entrance to the gorge. This is the site of the ancient city of Aradine. A steel bridge crosses the very high cliffs, joining the two sides of the gorge. Just before the bridge, on your right, is a old stone path that led to Aradena and descends to the bottom of the gorge. The trek which will take two – two and half hours, is over irregular terrain leading to the exit at the Libyan sea. Exiting the gorge you will find the very clean beach of Marmara when you can swim and relax.

At the shore there is a daily boat which you can take to Lourtro. Alternatively, you can continue your hike for another hour crossing the beaches of Likos and Finikas to the village of Loutro. From here, there are boats to the village of Sfakia.

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