The Agia Erini Gorge, with its many passages created by vertical rocks, is located the west side of the Lefka Ori range, in the Province of Selino. It has taken its name from the tiny village close to the entrance of the gorge. It is 46 km from the city of Chania and very close to the seaside village of Sougia. The gorge is 7,5 kilometers long and is a part of the European E4 path. The crossing takes around three hours. It is also a part of Natura 2000, an ecological network of protected areas in the territory of the European Union, and is characterized as a wildlife sanctuary by the Agricultural Ministry as it also is a shelter for many species of fauna. There is a very rich flora and many types of trees, bushes and aromatic herbs, the predominant one being hop marjoram (dittany). The gorge is also important for its historical and cultural identity. Within the gorge, at a spot known as "Pola Spitakia», (many small houses) rebels of the Turkish occupation found refuge. From this spot there is a pathway called "Figou" (escape) which served as an escape route towards the area of Omalos. The Agia Irini Gorge is the second most visited gorge in the Prefecture of Chania, the first being the Samaria Gorge. The Agia Irini Gorge is accessible for a longer time period than Samaria and is a developing natural resource.

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