Kapnis Gorge

The Kapnis Gorge begins at Akones above the village of Asfendou. It has narrow passages and rugged cliffs. Climber's rope is required for this crossing due to the steepness of the slopes. The crossing takes about four hours and the gorge ends at Vouvas Village.

Kavi (or Iliga) Gorge

The Kavi (or Iliga) Gorge is wooded gorge with steep cliffs in the Sfakia Province. It is definitely worth visiting.

We can start the hike at the mountain village of Anopoli along the rural road which leads towards Lefka Ori and takes you close to the highest peak at an altitude of 2,000 meters. After walking for 1 ½ hours, the road branches off to the right and leads to the Byzantine church of the Holy Cross which has beautiful frescoes. It is possible to travel up to this point by motor vehicle. The hike from here takes about three hours up to the exit on to the paved road at a distance of one kilometer from Chora Sfakion in the direction of Anopoli. A few meters below is the fabulous, sparkling clean beach of Iligas where you can enjoy a swim in the Libyan Sea and have snacks at the quaint little tavernas. It is also possible to overnight here.

Deliano Gorge

The Deliano Gorge joins Deliana in the Municipality of Kolibari with Mesavlia in the Municipality of Voukolies.

You will start the route parallel to the river and shortly will start climbing the rocks. It is not a long trek and it ends in the village of Gra Keras where you can visit the ruins of the Theotokos Monastery.

Halase (or Sassalo) Gorge

The Halase (or Sassalo) Gorge is located in the Province of Kissamos. It starts at the village of Sassalos (altitude 340 meters, 57 km from Chania) which we reach via the Chania-Nopigia-Koleni-Rokka-Sfakopigadi-Malathiro-Sassalo roadway.
The main body of the gorge, a four hour crossing, ends at the village of Malathiros (altitude 315 meters, 48 km from Chania. An additional hour of walking will take us to the village of Voulgaro, 7 km from the town of Kisamos.

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