The Omalos Plateau is at an altitude of 1.080 meters and it borders with the Provinces of Kidonia, Selino and Sfakia. From the plains of Kidonias, one of the entrances (there are three) to the plateau is in the area of Nerantzoporta, at an altitude of 1.087 meters. The second entrance is the Samaria Gorge and the third is to be found on the southwest side of the plateau, from which the road to Sougia begins. The plateau is surrounded by the several peaks of the Lefka Ori range: Bolakias (2.216m.), Gingilios in front of Xiloskalo (2.081m.), Samperos on the west side of the Samaria Gorge (2.005m.) and Psilafi (1.984m.). During the winter season, road travel is often difficult and sometimes impossible due to dense snow drifts. When spring comes the landscape is totally transformed. The plateau is covered by wild plants and flowers and it is an ideal hiking area. There are tavernas and hotels for visitors to the area, some of which operate in the winter as well.

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