Lake Kourna is a unique natural lake created from the water that descends from the Lefka Ori mountain range and is trapped by the impermeable bedrock and the natural depression of the land. The lake is fed from the Amati Springs and drains toward the river Delfina. It is located at a distance of 2.5 km from the sea.

At its largest point the lake is 1080 meters long and 880 meters wide. It covers an area of 58 hectares (about 143 acres) with its deepest point being 22.5 meters (3.5 meters below sea level). The lake area is characterized as a tectonic fault that floods with water from the underground springs of Amati.

There are references to the lake from ancient times when it bore the name Korissia. In fact, it is believed that there was a sanctuary in honor of Athena Korissia. It is more plausible that the Arabs renamed the lake Kourna as it means lake or basin in Arabic. The dark waters of the lake impress not only visitors but also the residents who consider the lake to be bottomless.

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