In Chania, the large mountainous terrain meets the deep blue sea creating a land of rare beauty. The beaches with their crystal water, the rich flora and fauna, the temperate Mediterranean climate all come together to create an ideal habitat and a majestic landscape that awaiting you to conquer it.

The natural habitat of the Chania Prefecture, like the rest of the island, remains in excellent condition as the Cretans still feel very closely connected with nature and respects it thus achieving a harmonious coexistence. The sea and shores are very clean and in the hinterlands large areas of wild nature still preserve their untampered beauty.

The rich geomorphology and the temperate climate supports the growth of 2100 self seeding plants, 300 of which are endemic to Crete. Although there are no large mammals and wild carnivorous animals in Cretan fauna, Crete possesses a very colorful avifauna while its nature's mosaic is completed by endemic species.

In the wider area of the Lefka Ori mountain range lives the Cretan wild goat (Capra eagagrus creticus) an endemic mammal unique in the world. It is considered an ancestor of the modern goat. It has been confirmed that this mammal was transferred to the island during the Neolithic period (-9000 to -8000 years). After the Samaria Gorge was declared a National Park the increase of fauna populations was observed that today is about 500-1000 animals.

In the Prefecture of Chania you can encounter all eight vegetative zones: coastal, flat, sub-mountainous, mountainous, sub-alpic, alpic, wetlands and gorges-canyons, each with have their own unique flora and fauna. A large part of the wetlands are protected and have been declared national parks. In the many gorges of this prefecture the visitor can find almost every Cretan herb. The most known of these herbs is Erontas or Diktamo (Origanum dictamnus). Every spring Chania is decorated with a plethora of colors, countless blooming trees, shrubs and flowers while the alluring fragrances of the herbs fill the air.

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