Galatas is 6 kilometers west of Chania and is a tourist resort 1000 meters from the beach right on the Chania – Kasteli National Road with 2120 residents.

Galatas offers a variety of food and drinks options both in the village and at the nearby beaches of Kato Galatas, Glaros and Kalamaki.


Daratsos is 5 kilometers west of Chania and is a large coastal village with 3200 residents.

The village is in reality a tourist resort and is made up of three districts: Parigoria, Makri Tichos and Kato Daratso, where the beach of the village is located.

The area of Agii Apostoli is in close proximity to the village and is very beautiful with sequential inlets and quaint harbors where one can enjoy a quiet swim.

There are several tavernas, restaurants and bars that offer many choices for food and drinks.


Thirty seven kilometers southeast of Chania is the village of Georgioupoli, a fully developed tourist resort with 515 residents.

The village is in lush green area at the estuary of the river Almiros. Exactly at this point there is a small harbor for small recreational and fishing boats. The ruins of the ancient city of Amphilama are located here as well.

A walk along the banks of the river Almiros that runs through a beautiful landscape is well worth your while and offers an alternative to the usual swim at the beach.

There is also a plethora of tavernas, restaurants and coffee shop and a very vivid nightlife.


Thirty kilometers Southeast of Chania, exactly 2 kilometers from the National Road towards Rethymno is the village of Vrisses, a beautiful village with 850 residents built in a valley with lush green vegetation and running waters.

The surrounding area is worth visiting as well, where you can visit traditional villages like Fre, Vafes, Emprosneros, Alikambos and Maza that in addition to their traditional architecture also preserve the traditional way of life. These villages are not among the more popular tourist destinations and because of this display a more authentic view of a Cretan village and its villagers.

Exactly at the intersection with the National Road stands the "Elliniki Kamara"(Greek Archway), a Greek – Roman bridge with elements from more recent periods like the Venetian and the Ottoman Periods.

There are two large festivals in the area. On the 7th of July, the festival of Saint Kiriaki in the village Vrisses and the festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August in the village Alikambos.

The food n Vrisses is a real pleasure. Small taverns and coffee shops sit in the shade of the tall trees offering traditional delicacies. The village is known for its high quality dairy products. Don't pass up the opportunity to sample their famous cheese and yogurt.

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