Gavdos is a beautiful island on the South of Crete and has less than 100 residents. It is 22 nautical miles from Chora Sfakion and 31 nautical miles from Paleochora. It is covers an area of 37 square kilometers. The island has 6 districts: The coastal Sarakiniko and Karave, Korfo that are on the eastern side, Kastri that is inland (almost at the center of the island), Ambelos to the northwest and coastal Vatsiana to the southwest.

Gavdos is the most southern point in Europe. The cape of Tripiti is considered the most southern tip of the European continent. Many think that this is the island of Ogigia – the island of Kalypso – where, according to Homer, Ulysses spent 7 years imprisoned by the nymph Kalypso.

Gavdos with its pristine, golden, untarnished beaches and crystal turquoise waters is well worth a visit. Even though Gavdos has become a very popular destination in the past years it maintains its tranquility and its isolation thus attracting nature lovers. In the evening when the last visitors depart Gavdos recaptures its tranquility and its romance.

The cape of Tripiti is a natural monument with three "sculpted" arches that have been carved into the rocks by the wind and the sea is worth visiting.

Gavdos is also ideal for walking: The ground is flat and distances between districts are small. They are about 3,5 kilometers from each other.

There are three festivals on the island: One on the 10th of February celebrating Saint Charalambos and two early in the summer celebrating Agii Pantes in Ambelos and the Holy Trinity in Kastri.

You can enjoy food at small tavernas and coffee shops.

Access is possible by boat from Chora Sfakion, Paleochora or Agia Roumeli.

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