Chora Sfakion is 72 kilometers southeast of Chania and is a small village with 278 residents. The village is famous for the villagers intense yearning for freedom and the many battles that they had with the all the invaders of the island. It is considered one the most traditional villages in Crete and the elders still wear traditional costumes and preserve the customs of honor, friendship, hospitality but also the "Vendeta". Naturally the increase in tourism and public transportation has somewhat softened the strict customs of the past, however Sfakia are still known for its honest, stable and noble men.

The old village is built on a hill side that ascends from the coast. This is where the boats drop off the hikers that walked through the gorge to take the bus back to Chania. The byzantine churches of the Virgin Mary Thimiani and Saint Apostles are worth visiting. What will mesmerize you however is the wild landscape.

The cave of Daskalogianni is also worth a visit. Daskalogiannis was one of the greatest Cretan heroes of the Cretan revolutions. Access to the cave is only feasible by boat. The villages Komitades and Loutro (the latter can only be accessed by sea) are interesting mainly due to their views of the vast Libyan sea, their famous traditional delicacies and their picturesque landscape. You can also drive the difficult road from Chora Sfaklion to Anopoli that is worth it to enjoy the impressive landscape.

Several different cultural events are organized in the summer. The last Sunday of May the Festival dedicated to the Virgin Mary takes place.

There are tavernas and traditional coffee shops for food and drinks.

There are boats that connect Chora Sfakion to Paleochora, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Elafonissos and Gavdos.

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