Falassarna is 58 kilometers West of Chania and is a small coastal village with few residents. Falassarna has one of the most beautiful sand beaches with turquoise, crystal clean waters.

The ruins of ancient Falassarna are worth visiting. Ancient Falassarna was the sea port of Polirrinia and was destroyed by the Romans. The ruins date back several periods. There are ruins of the Cyclopean Walls, a stone throne and the ruins of a temple that was possibly dedicated to the God Apollo or the Goddess Diana.

There are also some Byzantine churches that are worth visiting, the most interesting of which is the church dedicated to Saint Fotios and Saint Anikitos that are in a small cave with a fantastic view outside of the village.

There are two festivals held in the village. One on the 26th of July in honor of Saint Paraskevi and one on August 12th in honor of Saint Anikitos.

The village has many tavernas, restaurants and coffee shops.

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