Kolimbari is 24 kilometers from Chania, right on the National Road towards Kasteli. It is a small coastal village with 950 residents. Because it has a protected harbor it was used for as a landing for troops at various points of the islands history.

Around Kolimbari there are several villages with beautiful landscapes and byzantine churches – some dating back to the 16th century – like the church of the Archangel Michel close to village Episkopi and the Venetian ruins that are in Rodopo 7 kilometers Northwest.

If you are interested in monuments of nature then you must visit the ancient olive tree close to the village Ano Vouves. The cave of Saint John the Hermit that is 3 kilometers north of Kolimbari, the Gorge of Deliana that is 15 kilometers South of Kolimbari and the beautiful cove of Afrata with its wild landscape and crystal waters that is 3,5 kilometers north of Kolimbari are also worth visiting.

Probably the most noteworthy monument in the area of Kolimbari is the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Odigitria also known as "Moni Gonias" (gonia-corner) due to its location on the western point of the cove. The monastery has a rich history that dates back to the 9th century when it was founded. It is in its current location since the 17th century when the monks relocated for security reasons. The monastery was always a center of resistance against all of the conquerors of the island. This is why it has been destroyed so many times. The Orthodox Academy of Crete was created in close proximity to the monastery, a very important orthodox ecclesiastic institution.

Finally, 23 kilometers to the north is the archeological site of Diktinna; a sanctuary dedicated to Artemis Vritomartis that thrived during the Roman era. You can reach the site through a difficult dirt road that begins in the village Rodopos.

Many cultural events are organized in this municipality: A reenactment of Jesus' birth takes place in the cave of Saint John the Hermit, near the village of Marathokefala, on Christmas Eve. A celebration dedicated to the Saint is also held in the cave on the 6th and 7th of October. The first Sunday of August the gathering of the crops is celebrated at the church of the Archangel Michael close to the village Episkopi. The famers bring their products to the church to get the blessing of the Archangel and to ensure a good harvest.

There are three more festivals in the area. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on August the 15th at the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Odigitria, on the 29th of August Saint John is celebrated in Giona and on the celebration of the Holy Cross on the 14th of September at Tavronitis.

Food and drinks can be enjoyed at the many tavernas and coffee shops on the coast. It is recommended that you visit this picturesque location for diner or a drink especially when there is a full moon.

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