Maleme is 16 kilometers west of Chania, right on the National Road towards Kasteli and is a beautiful coastal village with 700 residents.

It was a place of intense battles during the invasion of the German troops in May of 1941 due to its military airfield where German soldiers descended with parachutes.
It is a very developed tourist destination that many travelers choose as their destination.

The German military cemetery is worth visiting. It was created for the 4500 plus German soldiers and officers that lost their life in the Second World War.

About 16 kilometers south of Maleme you can visit the village of Deres with its incredible landscape. The village is built in a location filled with chestnut, walnut and olive trees. The Dekasimiotis River runs through the village.

Every May cultural events are organized in memoriam of the "Battle of Crete" that took place in May of 1941. A festival dedicated to Saint Anthony is held on the 17th of January.
There are many tavernas, restaurants, coffee shops and bars for food and drinks. The area also has a vivid nightlife.

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