Agia Marina is 9 kilometers west of Chania and is fully developed coastal tourist resort as are the neighboring villages of Stalos and Kato Stalos. Agia Marina has 1450 residents.

The church of Saint Marina, that the village was names after, is worth visiting and 1,5 kilometers away is "Nerospilia" an very interesting cave with stalagmites and stalactites that was used as a place of worship during the Minoan period.

If you wish to see wild Cretan goats, the famous kri-kri, you can visit the islet of Agii Theodori by way of the excursion boats form Chania or by private boat from Agia Marina. The visit requires a permit from the Forest Inspectorate because the islet is protected.

There are two festivals held in the village. The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on the 25th of March and on the 17th of July the patron saint of the village Saint Marina is celebrated.

There are many tavernas and restaurants with good food, bars and coffee shops that offer drinks and small delicacies. Agia Marina is an attraction for tourists because of its many nightlife options like discos, bars, nightclubs with Greek and International music. The nights are definitely lively and colorful in Agia Marina.

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