Therissos is located 16 kilometers south of Chania and is a small historic village with 110 residents.

This mountainous village is built on the foothills of the Lefka Ori mountain range and is renowned for its residents' endless battles with Turkish conquerors. This is where Eleftherios Venizelos began the 1905 revolution aiming to unify Crete with the rest of Greece.

The village has a majestic landscape that is worth visiting. The road from Chania passes through an impressive gorge next to a river. The drive is fascinating and is in itself an unforgettable experience. Near the entrance of the gorge, at the location "Tris Ekklissies" you can see the old stone bridge, the "Kamara" as the locals call it.

If you are interested in caves, don't miss the cave Sarakina or Elliniko, 2 kilometers north of the village. Traces of human activity have been found in this cave that trace back to the Neolithic, Minoan and Geometric periods.

If you wish to enjoy a scenic route take the road towards Zourvas , about 7 kilometers south of Therissos. In the location of "Paradissos" you can see an impressive tall standing rock. If you are there while it is raining you can also enjoy the waterfall that is formed from the rain running down the rock.

A big festival for the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is held in Therissos on the 15th of August.

There are some tavernas and traditional coffee shops in the area.

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