Vamos is 25 kilometers away from Chania and is a small village with 665 residents. Vamos is a historical village known for its revolutions against the Turkish occupancy. Due to its strategic location many battles took place there. It is a quaint and picturesque village that has maintained its traditional character. Many buildings like the winery, the traditional coffee shop and the Girls' School have been restored. The school has been turned into a guest house.

In a radius of 7 kilometers from Vamos are the villages of Xirosterni, Souri, Paleloni etc. Take your car and visit churches with great architectural interest and enjoy Cretan hospitality and the Cretan way of life that has remained practically unchanged through the years and despite the increase of tourism.

If you are in the area in April you can enjoy the "Hochlidovradia" (hochlios = snail, vradia=evening) is a traditional festival with various dishes made with Cretan snails as the main ingredient. Delicious dishes and of course Tsikoudia (raki) accompanied by Cretan music and dancing await the visitor for an unforgettable experience. Early in August many cultural activities, music nights, theatrical plays, art and handicraft exhibits are organized.

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