Souda is the port of Chania. If you choose to travel to Chania by boat you will arrive at the port of Souda. Souda is 7 kilometers from Chania and is a beautiful town with 6,385 residents. It is built on the Southern side of the Souda bay and is considered one of the largest and safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean because it is protected from the winds. Due to this geographical particularity it was always a point of strategic importance for all foreign conquerors and the Greek army and its allies. The military area is designated with signs and access and picture taking is strictly forbidden.

There are several attractions in the area of Souda. One of the most important structures is the castle Itzedin, about 9 kilometers east of the city close to the village of Kalami.

The islets of Souda and Leon that are across from the beach of Loutraki at the entrance of the bay are worth visiting. At the islet of Souda you can visit the ruins of the Venetian fort and the beautiful chapel of Saint Nicholas. At the islet of Leon you can enjoy the lush green scenery.

Approximately 4 kilometers to the East is the Commonwealth Cemetery, where officers and soldiers of the British Commonwealth that lost their life in the Second World War are buried.

About 10 kilometers southeast of Souda – close to the village Megala Chorafia – is the archeological site of Aptera. Aptera was a thriving city–state in Geometric times (8th century B.C.). Because of its location it controlled all commercial trades and activities. The ruins found are from various periods all the way up to the Byzantine period: Roman reservoirs, the double sanctuary of the 5th and 4th century, the geometric period tombs as well as the structures of the byzantine period.

Cultural events are organized in Souda in June during the "Nautical Week".

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